Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Conference on Women and Sport 2010

Pic credit Edith Cowan University - Surf Science course.
Sunshine in Ireland means getting outdoors right now because it might rain tomorrow! But I finally found the time to find out what happened at the World Conference on Women and Sport a few weeks ago. It’s always good to lift the head past the fun and sweat to see what's going on behind the scenes. Main topics for discussion at this year's conference were: 
  • Women, sport and human rights
  • Financing and media for gender equality in sport
  • Physical activity and health for women
  • Sport and social change
  • Engaging Generation Y and Z in sport and physical activity
I loved the optimistic speech from Italian National Olympic Committee member Novella Calligaris who was the first female sports commentator in Italy (30 years ago). She said: “Sport, thanks to women, has above all gained considerable ground in daily newspapers and non-specialist magazines. Space dedicated to our female champions is often greater than coverage given to their male counterparts. Indeed, in sports magazines only male football has absolute priority.” Sadly this isn’t quite true in every country but it’s a great aim to have!

You can read/listen to more from the conference website IWG. What would you like to hear about at a conference like this?

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