Saturday, June 26, 2010

Punch Like A Girl

Well, you could also ask - does it matter? But from what I can see, being told 'you punch like a girl' is still reserved for sloppy punching. Of course it's impossible to exactly compare across the sexes but assuming similar training background and size you could draw a few surprising conclusions. 

This video has Dutch fighter Lucia Rijker - undefeated in 54 fights over kickboxing and boxing taking up the challenge for the TV show Sport Science against a male MMA fighter. You might remember her from Million Dollar Baby when she sends Hilary Swank's character crashing into That stool. There's more than a little hype in this video but interesting technical info on how we punch and a controversial result.



warriorwoman said...

I like your blog concept and I love your profile pic surrounded by all those shoes.

niamh said...

Thanks for dropping by! I'm a bit short on stilettos but can't seem to resist new trainers;)