Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reading about Sports

Strand Bookshop by ricoeurian
Much as we love sport, there has to be time to read as well. I won't off-load on everything I read but sharing some of the biographies or other connected books could be good.
Didn't make a great start in my local library which has four long shelves of sports biographies with only three books on women athletes. The librarian is now working overtime on ordering.
You won’t see a book here every week but whenever I finish one up she goes. And if you come across any great books or films linked to this blog topic, do share them with us.


Paperbark Writer said...

Hi - your comment about the disparity of books in your library says it all. It seems to me things are improving in terms of sports journalism as an employment area/career for women, but there's a long way to go. Just as the TV coverage of womens sports is heavily outweighed by the coverage given to mes sports. It's time all of this disparity was altered, that more freedom was open to women and girls to choose what they want to do.

niamh said...

Thanks for dropping by - there have been great changes in the last twenty years, but always room for improvement. It's frustrating for women athletes as you need publicity to get sponsorship but you have to work harder to get the attention which leaves less time for actual sport. Let's see where the next ten years head...