Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sad Times at Women's Rugby World Cup for Ireland

So Ireland aren't going so well at the Women's Rugby World Cup. But these things happen. It's one of the great things about sport that there usually is another day. Not that we remember at the time but afterwards that sense of perspective kicks in ... hopefully. So yes losing 27- 0 on the first match was not a good start. I love that the coach said there were lots of positives to take away, that must have been hard to say no matter how true - the first half was good, really it was.

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Captain Fiona Coughlan is one of my favourite players; not just because she takes the time to write for a few newspapers and the Scrum Queens blog. It's so easy as an athlete to forget about life outside the pitch but she takes her responsibility in promoting the sport very seriously. Like all contact sports, it can be hard to convince girls and women to have a go. This is where Tag Rugby and Sevens have an advantage, so it was encouraging to read about a training camp she ran recently when the teenagers were already talking about the Rugby Sevens at the Rio Olympics. Let's look forward not back Click here on the Women's RWC site to see how your country is going!

What's your favourite sporting cliche for dealing with losses?

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