Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Will Marion Jones Overcome her History?

Benjamin Sklar for New York Times

I remember watching Jones in absolute awe when she won five gold medals at the Sydney Olympics. And then crashing into cynicism when news of the doping scandal broke and broke and broke. You'd think when she came out of prison (about two years ago) that she would have moved to Montana and hung out in the hills with her family. 

But nope. Jones hit the basketball courts in May for the Tulsa Shock and is grabbing headlines again but for all the right reasons this time.

I have to say that initially when I read the story over on Women Talk Sports, I was more than a little surprised. But having read some interviews online and thought about her choices, well, why not? She made some huge mistakes, lied to a lot of people but her medals were stripped, her good name is gone. This is her chance to show us that she really is a top-class athlete. It'll be interesting to watch how this new drama plays out.

Do you think she is right to try again or is it too late?


Olive said...

Like you, I was shocked when it first came to light about the doping scandal. She has made some grave mistakes, but I'm impressed at how Jones refuses to hide away. I feel like she has served her time and now maybe she has the chance to redeem herself.

niamh said...

I hope so too - that's how rehab should work. If she messes up again, it's definitely over for her. Let's see how she rolls ...