Monday, September 20, 2010

Katie Taylor Mary Kom World Champions Again

Katie Taylor pic credit IABA
Watching Irish boxer Katie Taylor talking about her win in Barbados was a good reminder that sport is really about the people not the sponsors or the big money. I have been known to be a touch cynical at times but she seemed genuinely overwhelmed by winning and by the plaudits the journalists were wrapping about her. A tough semi-final against American Queen Underwood gave us a real idea of how tough the competition is, but she had few problems in the final against Chinese boxer Cheng Dong; winning 16-5. Two of  the other Irish boxers Allana Murphy and Sinead Kavanagh made it to the last 16 which was a solid showing and gives us hope for 2012 as well. And Indian boxer Mary Kom - who I posted about here - won an incredible 5th World Title at 48kgs.
More posts on Taylor here and here.  Did you see any of the fights?

Mary Kom pic credit Sports Keeda


Emmet Ryan said...

Great to see Taylor win again. She looked gassed in the second semi-final, clearly started too quickly so she needs to work on that with 2012 in mind. When you dominate early it's easy, in any sport, to pile on but more balance is needed.

real girl sport said...

Possible that she looked gassed cause it was a tough fight. That American fighter has a solid record, plus she was beaten 2 by Taylor before so she'd have had something to prove. You can't win easy all the time

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Taylor is fabulous to watch in the ring. Thanks so much for bringing her to my attention. I plan to post one of her fight vids on my blog (with a hat tip to you!). Inspiring indeed!

real girl sport said...

Great! Always good to get more promotion of someone who loves her sport. Will pop over to look at the video for sure