Friday, September 10, 2010

Marathon Day in Chicago Buenos Aires 10 10 10

Chicago Marathon ad campaign
Marathon runners have one month to go to two of the most popular marathons around; Chicago and Bunenos Aires. From a sport which began on the battlefield, the marathon - and half-marathon - has become an area where women sports stars excel. The field for the NYC Half-marathon 2009 was 53 percent female according to Runner's World, while the Chicago Marathon consistently has the highest number of women running every year; 43 percent last year.

Personally I'm a halfie 'cause I'm too lazy to train for a full marathon, but people who crank down their times at each outing deserve a shout-out. I'll be posting an interview soon with an avid marathon runner from Buenos Aires on how she prepares for running in the heat.

Do you prefer longer or shorter races?


Emmet Ryan said...

I never got how people treated half-marathons as anything other than training races for the big fella. The weirdest aspect of this is how the half marathon in the Phoenix Park is referred to by many people as the Dublin Half-Marathon, which is what its is but it's not something you refer to by the title because it's only a warm-up race. I don't just mean that in a butch way, though I do mean it that way, but more so because it actually is part of a formal warm-up programme for the Dublin Marathon and not a big deal in and of itself.

Don't get me wrong it's not easy but well it's not exactly difficult either.

niamh said...

No offense taken. I just know I don't train enough to complete a marathon without injury. Good on you for racing them - how many kms do you run every week?