Friday, September 3, 2010

Salt How Strong Does Jolie Look?

I went to see "Salt" yesterday and spent most of the film wondering how it is actually possible for a woman who is so thin to, cough, be so strong?

Schreiber and Jolie in Salt credit Hollywood Chicago

I do appreciate that it's just a film - and that Santa isn't real. But seriously, could they not try to build her up just a little? Liev Schreiber is not a small guy but she takes him out. Plus dozens of agents on the side. Okay, she sweats a little over it but seriously, if guys were this easy to beat up, we'd all be world champions. To be fair she trained in MuayThai and Krav Marga to get ready but ...

Am I being too picky - do I need to just work on the 'suspension of disbelief' and get on with the popcorn?


Emmet Ryan said...

Two words: River Tam

Marie said...

Santa isn't...what?!

The other thing that is confusing to the eye, I think, is that film stars often look like they have lean muscles when in fact they are just so skinny that there is no fat covering their arms so their muscles appear to be defined (Does this sentence make any sense?). Coupled with a superhero-type role, it gives a false sense of what it means to be fit or strong.

Anonymous said...

I find it sad that someone who used to be beautiful has gone all stick insect, she looks old and it's before her time.

niamh said...

@ Emmet - just watched that clip; speechless. It's brilliant though - at least 30 guys in that first sequence alone and her hair is barely ruffled :)

@ Marie - sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Yes I do know what you mean; there is a huge contrast between someone like Serena Williams who is genuinely strong and say Cameron Dias who is another miracle kicker.

@ soundmindsoundbody - I wouldn't worry about her weight except that she's asking us to believe she's a martial artist as well. Looking tired in real life is probably as having half-a-dozen kids and lots of pap attention as from her diet?