Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Would You Watch More Women's Sport ?

If you've noticed that more and more women are taking part in sports, you're not alone. The Commission on the Future of Women's Sport (UK) released figures this summer which shows surprisingly high levels of interest.
  • 50% of those questioned said women's sport is getting more popular (only 36% said the same about men's sport)
  • 44% think the quality of women's sport is better than ten years ago
  • 54% think watching women play sport is as exciting as men's
  • 61% say they would watch more women's sport if it was on the television
You can read the full report here on the Women Sport and Fitness Foundation website. It goes on to push this growth as an investment opportunity so hopefully, as we lead towards London 2012, business people will take notice. So what about you, what sports would you like to see more of on the TV?

Flickr pic by Robert Couse-Baker


Emmet Ryan said...

While the last two figures are encouraging, the first pair are horribly skewed. Women's sport is still in a relatively developmental stage in terms of gaining the public interest whereas men's sport has for the most part plateaued. Indeed I find the 36% of people thinking it's increasing in popularity to be unusually high.

Likewise the quality figure is horribly subjective, not to mention irrelevant as if it weren't improving given the general increase in funding and access of that period there would be cause for concern.

niamh said...

It would be worrying but not everyone knows about the background so they were just answering on what they see in front of them. It is pretty subjective but aren't all surveys?

Emmet Ryan said...

Well many are that was the point I was driving at but I was trying to be kind about it. It reeks of Bad Science to me.