Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diana Nyad Cancels Extreme Dream

I posted over the summer on 60-year-old American swimmer Diana Nyad and her plans to swim from Cuba to Florida.
It all sounded very exciting but has been slowly cut off by visa regulations, problems with permits and finally the weather. This inspiring sportswoman has just announced that the dream is being postponed until next year. SHe posted a sad farewell on her blog a few days ago - Extreme Dream

Do you think she should go for it next year again?



Marie said...

Oh my God, she hasn't swum in 30 years and she want to swim from Cuba to Florida. I remember seeing the signpost when I was a kid. That's 90 miles! Good on her. I hope it happens next year.

niamh said...

I know, what an ambition! She is either crazy or impressive so we'll go for impressive. I was so disappointed she didn't get to go but am betting she inspired lots of people to pull on the togs over the summer