Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surf Kayak Championships Portrush

Surf kayaking is another one of those sports which sounds easier than it is; a cross between two great sports that's somehow better than either....according to those in the know.

Garazi  Iturralde, Basque country

This month the Irish team will be out and about in a few beautiful places. Portrush up in the north of the country will host the British Open Surf Kayak on the 23rd of October.
Found some great shots of women in action in their kayaks - it is another sport more popular with men than women but what can you do except focus on the people having fun!

Ainhoa Tolosa Portugaltalks blog


carine said...

Waou, first time I hear about this sport ... sounds like great fun for those loving waves and I would love to see some champions in action ... can't make it this weekend but will keep an eye for another competition... Thanks for this news!

niamh said...

One of my sisters does it, that's how I know about it. Hopefully will get some pics from her of this weekend to post here!