Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest-Post on Shantiwallah

New Zealand Black Ferns Carla Hohepa
Today's post is in New Zealand.

I've been reading Shantiwallah and swapping thoughts on travelling, sport and food since last year. I finally got around to writing a guest-post. for you. Thanks Marie for the invite!

And on the night Munster (my local male provincial rugby team) beat Australia (male national team) 15-9, it's great timing to have a post up linking sport and travelling.

You can read the guest-post here on Shantiwallah  Do please leave some comments on Marie's blog - and have a poke around her travels in New Zealand.


A Girl in Asia said...

Great to see your guest post and congrats on your team's win! Even if it was against Australia :-).

niamh said...

Hee hee sorry it had to be said! Glad to see you are getting back into blogging again, must be so much harder now with all the little people running (crawling?!) around your house!