Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inspiring Women in Sports Advertising

Adverts for women's sportswear used to be painfully girly. But manufacturers have caught up with us and some of the latest ads actually reflect real women. Comment on this is divided. I've read blog posts saying many sports women in the ads are unnecessarily sexualised as well bloggers who feel progress is being made.

My personal feeling is that being strong doesn't exclude being attractive. The problem is the line between celebrating beautiful athletes and exploitation is a thin red one. This post on Women Talk Sport got me thinking again.

Ann posted up two new ads; one from Under Armour and one from Nike. I'm posting the UA one here because I love it. They're strong, fit, focused and wearing normal workout clothing. I like the idea of the Nike one but seriously who works out dressed like that? Not in any sport I've ever done anyhow - maybe I was in the wrong line of work! Nicole on One Sport Voice had a piece on women in tennis here.

What kind of effect do you think ads like these have? 



Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I'm with you -- I like the UA one.

And I hadn't seen the Nike vid until now; it's appalling. WAY sexualized. I'm not opposed to being sexual, but that video makes me feel like they aren't talking to me -- they're using me to sell something to men. Please: "I'm making myself hot"?? Ridiculous. And the clothes are obviously tilted toward the men, too. Skin flick!

real girl sport said...

Go Lisa! I completely agree, we don't do sport to look sexy and definitely feeling sensual is the last thing you want in the ring or out on a mountain. Looking good is a by-product of the exercise not the sole reason. Will they ever get it?

Unknown said...

I agree with you. And though the video gets me pumped up in a way, it doesn’t sexualize the women. Truly, the people behind this were smart and sensitive enough to let people see the wholeness of what it is to be a woman, with beauty and strength.

Allan Holaday