Saturday, November 13, 2010

Iranian Women's Rugby Team

Every now and then you see a sports documentary that really opens your eyes to something new. A Kiwi director made a documentary called "Salam Rugby" about the Iranian women's rugby team. I read about this a few months ago on Ricochet but hadn't watched the clips. But with the men's teams taking to the fields this week in Ireland and the UK, it seems like a good time to bring it all up.

The women play wearing a maghneah which covers them and protects them from charges of immodesty at home. The fuss made over their clothing reminded me of the drama in Thailand when women started fighting MuayThai there. Imagine women wearing vest T-shirts in public, imagine taking off your clothes at the weigh-in, imagine kicking a head-kick and displaying your thighs in public. All very shocking at the time.



Olive said...

This reminds me of a great documentary I watched last year about a German soccer team that went over to play an Iranian women's soccer team. The Iranian team really were playing against the odds & I admired their courage so much.

niamh said...

That could be another one to add to the list of DVDs I haven't had time to watch yet! Was it "Football Under Cover?" just googled and that's the only one I can see, looks great!

Olive said...

That's the one! It's very good, happened to come across it on Channel 4 one day. They really are inspiring sports women:)
P.S. Thanks again for putting together that great post on Top Sports movies. I've posted it today & I've put "Girlfight" on my Amazon wish list!

niamh said...

Thanks Olive! Am sure you will love Girlfight, hopefully there will be some more too soon! I'll look out for SR too