Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steph Gilmore Surfing World Champion x 4

Gilmore, pic credit Rip Curl Australia
You know the saying "better late than never"? Well, that's this post. Exciting news ....from two weeks ago, ahem.

Steph Gilmore, who is interviewed on this blog here, won her fourth ASP World Tour this month. Yep, that's fourth. And she's only 22. Feeling inadequate anyone? Level now with record-holder American Lisa Anderson, who knows what the future holds for this young Aussie? Some great footage of Gilmore surfing on her own blog Steph Gilmore.

Do you know anyone else who is successful at a young age in her sport?

Gilmore pic credit Rip Curl Australia


Emmet Ryan said...

That's some going. It's one of those sports where it helps to be a little crazy as too much sanity would make you hightail it out of there.

niamh said...

That is very true. And it is definitely a sport which is much harder than it looks - good pr to create the laid-back image but anytime I've tried it's been bl**** hard work!