Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Choosing Christmas Gifts

First of December and it's already snowing in Ireland. That pic is from the weekend - just a little early for us really but looks like thermals will be high fashion here this winter.

This also means it's time to start thinking about Christmas presents. I know, I know it's all commercial and meaningless but there are still some people you just have to shop for. Just remember if the women in your life do sports, they might appreciate something fun more than another smelly candle.

Read this post on Pink Stinks for a look at how we still stereotype our kids when it comes to presents. We definitely prefer She-Ra to Barbie on this blog, but what do you think? Is it right to always give glitzy gifts to little girls and trucks to little boys or should we try and break the mould? 


Olive said...

I think break the mould! I never was that gone on dolls, although I was very much attached to my Barbie swimming pool:D Although, I think that was more to do with the pool and the fact that I loved to swim more so than anything else. I blame those darn Ann & Barry books we had in school, there was such stereotyping from the start.

niamh said...

Ann and Barry - that brings back memories for Irish folk I'd say. Mammy in the kitchen and Daddy in the garage with his car. Them were the days!