Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marjan Kalhor Skier

Marjan Kalhor
Continuing the week of snow, skiing is sometimes seen as the more staid cousin of the extreme snowboarding.

But for Iranian skiier Marjan Kalhor taking part in the Winter Olympics this year was the craziest thing she'd done. The first Iranian woman to take part, the 22-year old was quoted as saying "I'm just very happy, very happy," adding that she hoped her efforts would show "Muslim women there is no limitation for them, even with hijab they can do whatever they want and they can get here like me."

Out of the medals, this was definitely a case where taking part was the thing - she gave many interviews saying how delighted she was to be the first woman and break that barrier. You can read more from her on CNN Olympic dream a reality.

Marjan Kalhor


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Good for her! She is strong, inspiring and capable role model.

niamh said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog. Yes, it's impressive to see someone being the first to do something and do it so well. She loves her sport too which is great!