Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Forty Foot Christmas Swim Dublin
Time for love and family - here's hoping all of you reading this are having a happy Christmas and not a Hollywood nightmare.

We are snowed in here in Ireland, well iced in at least. But luckily lots of mince pies and hot port in the cupboard so it's not so bad. Would not like to be an elderly person in this weather or dealing with small children, not fun - especially as we seem to be running out of grit.

Exercise? Running in this is out of the question for me, yes I am a wimp. Getting ready to make lots of healthy resolutions for the new year, I'm very excited about getting fit again following the health dramas of 2010. 

How is Christmas where you are?


a runners' life said...

Merry Christmas!
Too much eating this year. I'm wiht you on the healthy resolutions :)

niamh said...

Merry Christmas to you in Warsaw too! The thing is you need the food to get through the snow, I just maybe picked some of the wrong stuff...