Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten Inspiring Sports Women 2010

1922 Washington USA flickr
It's the time of year for polls and surveys and in that spirit I offer the women you loved the best on this blog. It's a tad unscientific as ISW only started at the end of May but Statcounter says these are the sports women you enjoyed reading about the most:

  1. Caley Lewis, Australian Muay Thai fighter 
  2. Zenyatta, American race-horse 
  3. Jessica Kurten, Irish showjumper 
  4. Marjan Kalhor, Iranian skier 
  5. Melissa Ray, British Muay Thai fighter 
  6. With this Ring - a film on Mary Kom and other Indian boxers
  7. Dr Jessie Stone, American kayaker 
  8. Irish Surf Kayak team - Aisling Griffin and Muireann Lynch 
  9. Silken Laumann, Canadian rower  
  10. Mischa Merz, Australian boxer 
You also rated this post 'Sweat and the City' on the four girls we'd really like to be. 

Did Statcounter miss any of your favourites?


Emmet Ryan said...

I have to ask, what's the idea with the photo?

niamh said...

no particular reason, just liked it