Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is this sports advert about?

Irish boxer and three times amateur world champion Katie Taylor has been busy making an advert with Lucozade Sport. It will air on the 12th of April during the Champions League quarter-finals. Great exposure for Taylor and women's boxing. 
Scene one from Taylor's ad
I'm not sure what the actual advert entails but have been told that it also involves two "well-known artists from the UK and US music scene". Curiouser and curiouser as Alice would say.

Scene two Taylor's ad
I used another shot yesterday here. Any thoughts on what they are actually doing here?!


a runners' life said...

Use Lucozade produxts and you'll be stronger, faster and fitter? :)
She shows off some awesome muscle definition in that second scene.

niamh said...

If only it was that easy! You'd love to know sometimes whether the athletes used these products before they were offered the advert too as well as after? A dark secret I suspect!

a runners' life said...

It might be like the chicken and egg question. But I think the company gets a picture in their head for what they want the advert to look like and the type of person they want and then they go search for the 'face of the product', but I could be wrong. :)

niamh said...

Good comparison! That process makes sense, you would want the person to at least be an easy match for consumers. Couldn't get better than Taylor for clean-living, and love of her sport