Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who is your favourite female detective?

Have you seen this Danish thriller-series, Forbrydelsen/The Killing? We are just on series one here, thanks to BBC 4 and it is by far my favourite police series. Nominated for an Emmy as Best International Drama, it is simply great.
Mainly because the character of Sarah Lund, the lead detective is actually a real person. She wears practical but funky police-clothing, doesn't run around crime-scenes in high heels and glossy hair and has normal relationships with her colleagues and friends. Sigh of relief all round. 
Each episode is one day in the investigation of a murder which gets more political as each day passes. And yes, you forget about the sub-titles after a few minutes. This is a dubbed-to-English trailer.


The final two episodes are on tonight. I've been guessing the final suspect but a Danish friend says I'm wrong all the way. 
Who're your picks for top women detectives?


Tala said...

This sounds great I'll definitely give it a look... the one episode to one day thing sounds a bit like 24?

niamh said...

@Aergad - thanks

@ Kordell - thank you

@ Tala - yes, it is a little like 24 except fewer special effects, much more like you'd imagine police work to really be. Well worth a look

Emmet Ryan said...

Umm those first two comments are clearly spam. I'll get back to you on the detectives.