Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boost for Egyptian sport?

I was casting around for a positive story to put up today. And found this article online from the Egyptian IOC. 

Council member Rania El-Wani did an interview with Around the Rings yesterday, and said she thinks the revolution will be positive for sport in the country.  El-Wani competed for Egypt in three Olympics, 1992, 1996 and 2000 in swimming. And won numerous medals at the World, African and Mediterrean games.
Rania El-Wani pic Al-Ahram
Optimistically (?) she says she doesn't see any further disturbances, pointing to the resumption of the country's football league as a sign of normality returning. And no, it's not clear if she means male or female but at a punt I'd say male. 

And in an interesting sign of how politics can ripple out and effect sport, the article says: "El-Wani expects Tripoli in Libya to drop out of the bid race for Mediterraean games due to unrest in the country, leaving the Egyptian bid facing competition from Rijeka in Croatia and Tarragona, Spain." 


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