Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rugby player and MuayThai fighter Nicole Ahern

Nicole Aherne is new to the world of MuayThai but with years of rugby behind her, she is not afraid to fight in the ring. I talked to her at a boxing show in Ireland and we realised we had trained together a few years ago at a gym in Sydney.

Nicole Ahern, Sitjaipetch Gym Ireland
A longtime rugby player, when she arrived in Australia three years ago, she was hoping to pick up some games. But it was winter so nothing doing. Nicole says: “We moved into an apartment and could hear strange noises coming from downstairs at nighttime. I went down to have a look, saw they were boxing and asked if I could join in."

Far from getting a warm welcome, the Thai Boxing trainer looked her up and down, sized up her petite, blonde frame and drawled: "Yeah, I suppose, if you think you can keep up."

She remembers she trained so hard the next night that she threw up afterwards – out of sight of course! After that she trained there for five months before traveling around Australia and Asia on the way home. She says: “Really, we travelled and trained. It was addictive so we looked for a gym in every town using the internet. We even trained in Thailand; that was great.”

Now back playing rugby with Highfield and working as a school teacher, she mixes in boxing training at Sitjaipetch Gym with a growing fight career. Something tells me her students are pretty well-behaved. She says: “I never thought I’d fight, but it’s just raw power. It’s great. Some of the students are here tonight. They think I’m mad.” Playing on the wing with Highfield Ladies her training schedule doesn’t leave much time for chilling.
Fight training is:

  • Monday                   Rugby
  • Tuesday – Friday MuayThai and running
  • Saturday          Free
  • Sunday            Rugby match 


Surfer Muay Thai said...

Nicola is a determined sportsperson who manages to strike a balance between the tough worlds of the rugby field and the boxing ring. Can this lady fit any more excitement in ... apparently yes, a surf lesson is on the cards. Can't wait to see her punching through waves and tackling the cold Irish sea.

a runners' life said...

Awesome work! It's so great to be able to combine a love of a few sports and actually be able to fit everything in. Nicole sounds like she knows what she wants and she goes and gets it :)

niamh said...

@ Surfer MuayThai - really? that would be something to see! I'm sure she will be great at that as well - maybe send me some pics?!

@ A runner's life - Yes, she was great fun to interview, full of enthusiasm! Don't know where she gets the time!