Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ukrainian Women in Sport: Video

Today is the 25th anniversary of the tragic events in Chernobyl, Ukraine. There was an interesting article in an Irish paper here on how people are coping with the aftereffects: Chernobyl the fallout

These are some of the Ukrainian sports stars I found this morning. If you know of anyone else, please leave a comment!

Women's European 60m final Oleysa Povh in 7.13

Best-ever celebration - Gold Medal in Wrestling Athens Olympics 2004

 Valentina Semerenko (Ukraine) comes 3rd in 2011 Biathlon

Amateur Muay Thai world championships 2010 Diana Yakovlev (Ukraine) - Kunones Chantelle (USA) 

 Gymastics - one of most popular women's sports in Ukraine


Emmet Ryan said...

Zhanna Pintusevich-Block springs to mind although she was implicated in the BALCO scandal so probably the less said the better.

niamh said...

@ Emmet - Still under investigation from what I can find online, please don't get me closed down for defamation!

Emmet Ryan said...

Well it's not defamatory to say she was named in connection to it as that's a matter of public record. Also you should be safe in any case given the way defamation law works in relation to geography.