Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apologies for the break in transmission the last few days. Can I just say two words: In-design project. I think I have established I am a words person, not design! Too much stress.

So, what is new this weekend in sport? I read about an interesting iPhone app from the Irish Sports Council. You can use it to check your medication against the WADA list of illegal medication. Very useful, as we all know how easy it is for asthma meds or cold meds to slip over that edge. I was involved with writing doping codes for a sports org a few years ago, it's very comprehensive but complicated to keep in mind when you're stuck in the middle of a nasty winter-illness.

And heard about a new photography project running in Ireland - focused on women in sport. You can see some of the photographs here on Laurence J Photography and if you're interested in taking part, or know someone who is interested, then contact Laurence through that blog. Some great shots up already and big plans for developing the idea.

Have a great weekend!

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