Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arsenal Ladies footballers win again

Arsenal Ladies won their 11th FA Cup title in the UK this weekend. Yes, that's right, 11 times since 1993 when the FA took over the compeition in its present form. They won out 3-0 over Bristol Academy, who were in their first ever final. 

Arsenal Ladies win FA Cup pic: Talk sport
It wasn't as much of an mis-match as those stats might suggest, Bristol did hold the Gunners (as all Arsenal teams are known) to a 2-3 draw last week in an FA WSL match.  Goals came from Kim Little and Julie Fleeting while Irish keeper Emma Byrne held a solid defence at the back. BBC Sport has a detailed report on the game here.  And Women's Soccer Scene cover it here. 

The other teams must be wondering at this stage what they have to do to get past Arsenal?

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