Monday, May 23, 2011

Brazilian Women's Soccer Guerreiras!

Did you know women's football was banned in Brazil by the milatary dictatorship until the early 80s? Neither did I until this week. I've discovered this exciting trailer** for "Guerreiras Do Futebol Feminino" which sent me off on an internet search for more info.

Seems a strange thing to ban until you think about the advantages playing sport brings to anyone, male or female. But that's all changing now. The Brazilian national team played their first game in 1986 and have been in the top finishers at the World Cup and Olympics ever since, ranked the top team over-all in South America. 

And of course have produced one of the world's most famous women players; Marta Viera da Silva, four times FIFA Player of the Year.

This is a trailer for a doco following 40 female soccer players from the Santos FC club in Brazil. Adrianne Grunwald uploaded it on Vimeo recently, saying "we began to explore how these women were navigating new tensions and contradictions, while questioning Brazil’s seemingly progressive move towards gender equality."

The women raise similar questions to those being faced by other women in sport - what to wear, how sexy is too sexy, how far to go for sponsorship and what does it really mean to play sport for an audience. Look forward to seeing the full doco.

** UPDATE OCTOBER 2015: So the VIMEO film clip has been made private at some point since I wrote this post. You can still watch Guerreiras Do Futebol Feminino on Vimeo here, but I can no longer embed it. Sorry about that.)

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