Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sports Blog Karma

I haven't given a shout-out to some great blogs for a while. So, these are some of the new and not-so new blogs I've come across recently:

Element 22

This blog has great photographs of people hanging off mountains, skiiing down mountains, camping in mountains and even some rather large bear paw-prints. Definitely worth a read.


An unusual mix of cycle-races, mountain photos and needlework! Have to say I probably don't appreciate the patterns as much as some readers but the bike descriptions are inspiring.

Muslim women in sports

With all the talk of war, it would be easy to forget that life goes on as normal for the majority of Muslim people in the world. Great collection here of sports women from many countries and a wide range of sports.

Women's Views on News

Not just about sport, this website reports on women's roles in mainstream news stories. Some you might have heard of already but others were new to me. Great read.

Do you know any other sites or blogs I should mention in the next round-up? 


Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks, Niamh! I sure appreciate the shout-out. Off to check out your other recommendations...

Snowcatcher said...

Holy wow! To make this line up is about the biggest compliment a needleworking cyclist could ask for!!! Thank you! I enjoyed visiting the new (to me) blog and news link (and I always enjoy Ti, but she's not new to me!).

Robin said...

Yup, I love Ti's blog - she lives such a different life to mine, it's utterly fascinating (mixed with equal parts terror, the mere thought of hanging of a mountain like that has me quaking LOL...).

To answer your question about the peacock, I was just a few feet away. I might have gone for a wider shot showing the edges of the feathers too but there were other people in the way.

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niamh said...

@Titanium - no problem, it's great finding new places to hang out

@Snowcatcher - ha ha, it's hard to describe your blog alright!

@Robin - Know what you mean about the fear, I get it just looking at her pics! ... so close? it's a beautiful shot