Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emily Jackson, American Kayaker wins again

It's that time of year again - rivers, mountains, kayaks and Emily Jackson wins the Teva Freestyle gold for the seventh year running. At 21. Must be getting quite frustrating to be chasing her at this stage. 
Emily Jackson by Corey Rich
Jackson is just one of the successful kayakers in the Jackson home. But this event at the Teva Mountain Games is the one she has really made her own. Talking to the local paper, she said: "My first run, I got all my hard tricks in right away. I got lots of air on my front loop, my McNasty and my phonyx (monkey). I felt really good. My score was beatable, but Ruth (Ebens), like me, didn't have her best ride.” 

She has placed in the top three in any event she's entered since 2006, including winning the world freestyle title in 2009, second in the Pan American games 2010, winning the Natural Games in Milan, Italy as well as that Teva title every year.

Off the water, she has worked with Dr Jessie Stone in Uganda - posted about here work here - raising $30,000 so far for Power Health and their work combatting malaria. 



Anonymous said...

What a great way to start the day this morning, reading this! Have always admired Emily- and I own more than a couple Jackson kayaks myself :)

So cool to see her rockin' the Rock Star in this event and taking home the gold.

niamh said...

@Titanium - I'm still wrapping my head around how young she is to be dominating an event so thoroughly!