Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sports Blog Karma with boxing and running

It's been a while since I gave a shout-out to some sports blogs. As always, I've tried to highlight sites which deal with women's sport. Call me sexist if you like but then take a look at your local paper or television station and see if you notice any slight imbalances.

I first came across Katarzyna's blog when she was living in Poland and she gave me some tips here on running in the snow. Now living on the Gold Coast in Australia, she's just done her first marathon - definitely deserves a shout-out!

Been following this for a while, and now linking up on Twitter as well so definitely time to say how great this is. Everything from fight reports, the dangers of deer-ticks and this on-the-ball review of the Haye-Klitschko fight.
Not to mention the surprise you will get on the About page ...

So, wasn't sure I should include this as, so far, they only have one woman up. But hey, they're trying and the writing on the site is brilliant. All are 'long-reads' but well worth the time.

Have you got any new blogs to share? 

Late posting, apologies. Good at sport, not so good at reading calendars! 

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