Monday, August 29, 2011

Rugby 7s, smaller but just as much fun

Kalinga Insitute of Social Sciences, Orissa India
So having Rugby Sevens included in the Olympics for 2016 is already having an impact. I've noticed a jump in tournaments and competitions taking place around the world including some surprising places.

This article says a new series, the HSBC Asian Sevens, will use existing events in Shanghai, China and Borneo, Malaysia along with two new events - in Bangkok, Thailand and Goa, India - to make up the Asian calendar. Surprising because the Bangkok Sevens are a well-established event so you would have thought they'd get ranking for a new series first but I'm sure there is a reason for it.

And looking at it all from a woman's point of view, there is a great structure in place for women's teams with seemingly equal access to funding, training and publicity. This article covers the Indian women's 7s championships taking place this week , looks like they're building a strong base for the next few years. 

And Ireland? It's not a huge sport here by any mean, definitely a poor cousin to rugby and then tag rugby. But hopefully that will change over time. 

For any rugby fans out there, do you have a preference for 7s over the full-game or the other way around?


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