Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coolangatta Gold Ironwoman

Ironwoman Courtney Hancock AUS
Lots of focus on the male rugby teams down in the Southern Hemisphere this month and while reading the Aussie papers for news of their reaction to the Irish win (see how I got that in there), an interview with Ironwoman Courtney Hancock scrolled-up.
The Coolangatta Gold takes place this weekend in Queensland, Australia. Having twice finished in the top three, Hancock is going all out this year. The race - 46 kms of ocean swim, surf-ski, and board paddle broken up by three runs - is the longest of its kind in the world. Competitors can also go for what's described as "the short run" at just 30.5 kms.

In the interview Hancock,23, describes the respect she has for this race, compared to other Ironwoman events. "The Coolangatta Gold takes 3½ hours - and it can feel like a lifetime. Grandfather's (a life saver in his day) notion of an inner belief is crucial when you stand on the line and wait for the race to start. I don't know how anyone could compete if they had any doubt about their preparation or training. Confidence in sport comes from ticking all the boxes, and then doing more."

Another article focused on how she gave up a vegetarian lifestyle three years ago for her sport. You do hear of veggie Olympians and other elite athletes but it must be difficult to get that much protein in from soy especially for events like this.

Courtney Hancock AUS
And like many water-sports fans, she's involved with an eco-group working to protect whales and dolphines. The "Get wet for whales' initiative helps fund research through sponsored sports-events. You can read more about that on Hancock's website here.



Tina C said...

I'm in awe of the endurance required for this. That's the last time I give out about having to rush for the bus!
PS: Love the "reaction to the Irish win (see how I got that in there)"!

niamh said...

@Tina - hee hee all you have to do is just a little training ... and yes, had to put that in, they were incredible :)