Thursday, September 15, 2011

Action sports magazines

Easkey Britton for Red Bulletin 2010
It cracks me up that Red Bull sponsor so many extreme or action sports events. Strikes me the last thing you need as you pump your heart full of adrenaline is a few shots of that stuff swirling around in the mix.  A lot of the Thai fighters knock back a bottle just before they get in the ring - but stand back 'cause anyone feeling the nerves tends to throw it right back up again. 

That said the upside of the contradiction is promotion for sports that wouldn't usually get media-space. Can you get the Red Bulletin Magazine where you live?  I know it goes out in eight countries and the athletes interviewed reflect that range. Fascinating interview with sprinter Oscar Pistorius last month. Not quite sure whether I was inspired or intimidated?!

'Course I don't really need to spell out what my only problem with the mag is do I? I haven't seen a woman on the cover for some time, although they did feature boxer Katie Taylor on the Irish edition about 2 years ago. Oh, except for singer Nicki Minaj last time round. Great action shot of a snowboarder on this month's issue - could have been a woman? No?

Anyhow, let's try not to moan. It's great to see a mag promoting alternative sports and while it is clearly a great big promo, I guess we'll take it over complete radio silence. What do you think?


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