Thursday, September 22, 2011

Irish Sports woman of the month

High jumper Deirdre Ryan was named Sportswoman of the month this week in Ireland for her great performance in Korea.

Deirdre Ryan in Korea
Ryan came 6th in the World Championships breaking the Irish record (her own) and qualifying for London 2012 on the way with a final height of 1.95m.

As someone who finds jumping walls just to get somewhere more than enough effort, the high jump has always fascinated me. They look so graceful and make it seem effortless but therein lies the secret I guess.

If you pick, which Olympic sport would like to do?


Snowcatcher said...

My sister did the high jump in high school. I agree with you; what an amazingly graceful sport. But I'm no jumper. Guess it goes without saying I'd be a cyclist... but I'd be last!!!

niamh said...

@Snowcatcher - I doubt you'd be last. That mountain race you blogged about sounded intense, if you took all that training and put it on the flat ... world look out