Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Women in the MuayThai Premier League

You very rarely get to see a group of MuayThai fighters at world-class level competing on one show. It's usually one or two headline fights and then local fighters. So the MuayThai Premier League, which started this week, is a special event. Top-ranked fighters travel to ten countries over the next few months, building up points for an overall title. 

The opening event "Stars and Stripes" was in California, US. British fighter Julie Kitchen took on  Martina Jindrova from the Czech Republic, winning on points.  Also in this group are Sandra Bastian from Canada and Tainara Lisboa from Brazil.

Julie Kitchen (kick) vs Martina Jindrova

Peru-based Valentina Shevchenko won against Angelique Pitiot from France on points also. I remember watching Shevchenko in the amateurs a few years back, not at all surprised she is doing so well now. The other fighters in this group are Chantal Ughi (Italy) and Ilona Wjimans (Netherlands).

Valentina Shevchenko vs Angelique Pitiot
 If you're living anywhere near the next shows, well worth heading along. Full details here.

 *There are more photos on FB , but I'm a bit disappointed with them - guys, get someone who knows how to capture a kick for the next show! 

*There were men's fights too, details here.


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