Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New surf kayak champions from England

So the England women's team swept the medals at the World Championships of Surf Kayaking this week. Emma Wynter took the Long Boat title while Tamsin Green won out in the Short Boat. 

Emma (19) has only been surf-kayaking for three years but has won British title in 2010, came 3rd  at the World Championships in 2009, and was on the English team which won the Home Internationals  in 2010. Not a bad start.  
Tamsin Green
Tamsin (36) has been in the water since 2006, and was ranked British No 1, was a member of that same English winners team in 2010 and ranked No 2 in the world. 

Once again there wasn't an Irish team due to lack of funds. I foresee that sentence becoming the theme of the blog for the rest of this year and into next. Perhaps we should all take up soccer?! Oh, and become guys before someone from the ladies soccer team says anything about unequal funding.


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