Monday, December 5, 2011

Beat the budget blues with sport

This post is more for Irish readers but all are welcome of course! Two other sports-blogs here are hosting a broadcast celebrating Irish successes in 2011 ... Emmet from Action81 assured me that women like boxer Katie Taylor and the soccer team Peamount United would get a mention, saying:

Tired of the megatonne of misery dropped on the unsuspecting public every Monday evening, and knowing this week's budget will make things a whole lot worse,  Emmet Ryan ( and Lee Daly ( will focus on what's been good in the world of sports over the past year.

The live audio show is aimed squarely at giving people a reason to feel better for once. Now it's time to cheer people up by talking about highlights of the year from the Cricket World Cup to the Heineken Cup, with a dash of boxing and chess in between. Oh and there was also some success in football, we might talk about that.

The broadcast starts at 21.35 Irish time and can be found at this link:  Action81 

(apologies for not hosting it directly here but with the issues this blog has been having lately ...)



Emmet Ryan said...

Thanks for the link Niamh.

Running Candid said...

What a great idea.
It seems that everywhere all we hear is bad news. It'll be nice for people to listen to something positive for a change.

Niamh said...

@Emmet - no problem! Have to admit I listened to Frontline too though, probably a mistake as far as mellow mood stuff goes! Gave up on Vincent after the drumming interview with Aodhan O Riordain

Niamh said...

@Running Candid - exactly! Sometimes escapism is neccessary