Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moving time

Suitcases in France pic Malias on Flickr
Starting this week with an apology for the erratic postings last week. Serious levels of "technical issues" with Blogger - couldn't get into the posting section one day, couldn't get into the whole blog another and then unable to upload video successfully it seems. I could see Friday's video in the draft but not live - only realised that afterwards. 

So, time to think about moving the blog to a new home. 

I've used Wordpress for other blogs so that is the option at the moment. Not quite sure what the problem is, could be the number of videos? Could be ... well I don't really know but when the page takes longer to download than to write that's not good!*

I will give you plenty of warning and post lots of links when it's all ready to go. And open to advice and moving tips ... 

*slight exaggeration for effect there 

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

OhMyGoodness -- You're going to DO IT! Good on ya, I know you'll be pleased once you have full control over your baby...!