Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time to get the snowgear out

It's coming up to reflection and look-back-at-the-year time. Let's start today with a post on snowboarder Tara Dakides - who holds seven medals in her Winter X Games collection and was also the first snowboarder profiled on this blog 12 months ago.

Dakides didn't compete in this month's games but still loves everything about her sport. In an interview with Kidzworld (yeah, surprise title there) she said: " It's amazing how far girls have come in snowboarding. There is still a large gap between girls and guys but it's closing every year. It's just amazing to see girls out there cause they love boarding - instead of being out there looking cute and getting into snowboarding because of their boyfriends. 

They're out there because they love it, they're ripping it and really taking it to the next level. I think in the next couple of years you're going to see the gap close even more. There's a lot of young girls coming into the picture and it's just going to keep getting better."

And if you need a motto to stick on your fridge-door for 2012, try this out this definition of a confident woman: "Somebody that's not afraid to be themselves and be the individual that they are. Someone that can tumble and not be afraid to make a complete idiot of themselves - just someone who's not afraid to be themself."

Not to mention that posting about Dakides is the perfect excuse to browse (that means working) her Flickr stream of stunning snow pics. Lots of cute shots of her with her dogs (dog?) but you have to have snow on Christmas week.


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