Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time for the Paralympics too

It's an Olympic year, true true but it's also time for thousands of others to get ready for the London Paralympic Games. 

The Irish Paralympian Team got their first official outing this month   - interviews, profiles and news about the games. Includes some stories on how the games work, what the different classifications mean as well as interviews with paracyclist Catherine Walsh and profiles of Polish woman Natalia Partyka, Briton Ellie
Simmonds and the rest of the Irish team. 

A reminder this morning that no matter what limits you think you are facing, there is a way to be better. (ahem, corny thought of the week but have a read and see how cynical you're feeling!)

You can find the Paralymics Ireland supplement online here now. 



Snowcatcher said...

We had tickets to three events at the Olympics in Salt Lake but were unable to attend, so my bosses allowed me to attend the Paralympics instead. We had front row seats to the events we attended, and the athletes are SO inspirational! I don't know if I would have known the Paralympics existed if not for the turn of events that led to this. So I'm very glad I was able to attend, and I've loved the Paralympics ever since. Wish they had as much publicity and press as the Olympics. They deserve it!

niamh said...

@snowcatcher - they are getting more publicity all the time. People - myself included - are only just waking up to how much work they put in. I interviewed another cyclist yesterday and he put us all to shame the hours he puts in. Really looking forward to seeing it all now