Thursday, March 29, 2012

Striking Beauties

Mary Morgan from Striking Beauties gym in Massachusetts, America got in touch recently to tell us about the gym. 

She says the gym was set up in 2009, at that time the only women’s-only gym in the state.

“I live to promote this place, it is the most amazing sisterhood of women, it is our second family, our home away from home, our church,” she says.

“I have found a new passion and it has caught on with my two daughters.  The improvement it has made in their lives is inspiring!”

Mary says the mix of classes, private instruction, open sparring and specialty workshops bring in women to their 24-hour a day gym. Yes, open 24-hours and seven days a week.

And with fighters like four-time world title holder Jaime Clampitt and 2011 National PAL Champion Amanda Pavone you need the hours. But it’s not all girls with trainer Mike Culbert holding pads. One of his many claims to fame is a bout with Mickey Ward who non-boxers might know from The Fighter*.

“Encouraging relationships within our sport and support among our sisters will help the future generation of girl boxers,” she says.

*possibly the best boxing film ever.
If you're in the area, more info on the Striking Beauties gym is here.

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