Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - who are these women?

Thanks to Irish photographer Denise Lynch for these shots of a training session with the Irish Amateur Women's Squad.

Denise doesn't have the names of these fighters - if you know them, leave us a comment please?

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Niamh said...

Thanks to the "Women in Martial Arts in Ireland" Facebook group for these comments:

"The 2nd one looks like Sinead Kavanagh don't know who de first one is, she doesn't box for Drimnagh anyway"

‎"2nd Sinead, 3rd Ceire Smith"

Snowcatcher said...

Wonderful shots! Although the first one looks just a little bored...

Emer G Bolger said...

Great photos. The first one made me smile! Apparently a yawn is a sign of the need for more oxygen in the body.

Niamh said...

@Emer - yawning is definitely contagious whatever causes it! Thanks for the comment - look forward to more of your posts, the blog is looking great!