Friday, July 20, 2012

Making space for women in Australian Rugby

The Australian Rugby Union now has a woman on board. In an exciting move Ann Sherry moved yesterday from the Australian Sports Commission to the rugby board.

One small step. The SMH quoted chairman Michael Hawker saying: ""The first female director of the Australian Rugby Union (has been appointed) and it shows we're trying to move the governance of the organisation."

And The Australian quoted Sherry pointing out how overdue this decision is. "It's always a very strong signal of change in organisations that have not had women involved before," she said. "It just flags that rugby is fit for the 21st century. I'm really pleased to have the chance to be the person who cracks that change.

"It's a great signal to the women who love and follow rugby as well that it's not closed to them."

This clip is from a Canadian rugby match (would you believe I couldn't find an interesting clip from Australia? Hmm, long way to go ...)



Unknown said...

I just love your blog. As an amateur U.S. tennis player, I've been scouring the internet for Australia travel packages to get me down there as soon as possible. Your sports culture just seems so vibrant and encompassing, I can't wait to visit. Just wanted to say hi.

niamh said...

@Maria - umm, I'm Irish but I guess two years in Oz has rubbed off with all the contacts, and they do love sport there.