Sunday, October 14, 2012

Caley Reece defends world title and retires

It's all over for one of the best MuayThai fighters around  - last night Caley Reece of Riddler's Gy,m in Perth defended her world title and retired.

Reece with a record of 38 wins from 43 fights is one of the women redefining what women's boxing means. It's not enough anymore to just fight, you have to be good, really good. And that has been so exciting to watch.

I'm sad she's retired (yes, cause it makes me feel old now when I think of all the people I trained with and know most of them are gone now along with my lazy ass) but she's going to be a great trainer. And I'm sure we will see many more women coming out of Western Australia inspired by her.



Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu said...

Congrats to Caley on the win! A true pioneer in the sport. A few years ago I watched Natalie Fuz retire in NY after her fight with Helene Garnett (who just retired herself). It feels sad when one of these brave women who have dedicated a huge portion of their lives stop fighting.

niamh said...

@Sylive - thanks for commenting! Natalie was a great fighter, met her many times in Bangkok :) I never saw Helene fight live but she was a great pioneer and promoter of women's fighting. The good thing now is there is space for women to set up as trainers and gym-owners (and bloggers!) so we don't all lose touch!