Monday, October 8, 2012

Great women's sports blogs you need to read

When you start blogging people tell you it will take over your free-time. What I didn't expect was how compelling reading other people's blogs would be. So it's that time again - sharing the Blog Karma with some of my favourite reads.

MuayThai on the Brain 

This is a new blog but already showing great promise. Melissa Ray is the blogger, you've read interviews with her on my blog, most recently when she retired from her Muay Thai career. As the Englishwoman says on the blog she has four World Titles from 41 fights and a Phd in neuroscience. So if anyone is ready to write posts on the addictive nature of boxing and explain it all to the layperson, Ray is the one.

Spikes and Heels 

These posts cover Gravity Yoga, shoe reviews and anything in-between connected to running. Tagged as 'the fitness site for badass women' the bloggers are looking to smash that idea of sport as just being to lose weight. So yes, I love it. Take a look at the 'Street Athlete' section for some serious inspiration from runners, Capoeira teachers and martial artists.

Coven Magazine

Ok, this  isn't a blog but it's a great read. Interviews with climbers and skaters, practical tips on hydration, sports festival previews - this British mag has a lot to offer. And lots of gear reviews from women who have really hit the trails or climbed that mountain. Only click on this if you have lots of time to spare!

Girls, Girls, Girls at Red Bull

I've given this company's print magazine - Red Bulletin - lots of comment for their lack of female athletes or respectful coverage of same. But the online version is doing much better lately - regular slots on action stars from skating, BMX and motocross.

The Pugilista

I found this blog while reading another favourite - The Glowing Edge. Blogger L.A. is a coach with the American boxing team and owns an MMA gym in Colorado. From product reviews to reasons why women should fight, the blog ranges over all the combat sports. And of course interviews with people like Julie Kitchen. I was excited to see this morning that she is also writing a book.

If you see any other good blogs or mags on women's sport, let me know!


Unknown said...

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Ooooh, really enjoying Muay Thai on the Brain, so glad you linked that.

And what a great idea, giving a simple, easy profile of some of the sports blogs you love. (And again, I'm honored to be linked here as well; always have been).

Keep on rocking it, sister.

niamh said...

@Lisa - it's looking like a good one isn't it? Have to link to yours when boxing is in the air - oh, will be posting soon on meeting Deirdre Gogarty in Dublin a few days ago :)