Monday, May 13, 2013

MMA on Newstalk Radio - Fighting the Cage

Pink hair? check. Shit-eating grin? check. Mouthguard? check. Armbar? check ... meet Aisling Daly otherwise known as Ais the Bash, professional MMA fighter. 

Aisling is one of those fighters who challenges everything non-fighters think they know. Slight, friendly and fiercely proud of MMA, she's the perfect ambassador for a sport most Irish people know very little about. 

Fighting the Cage is a radio documentary made by Falling Tree Productions for Newstalk Radio in Ireland. 

If you've ever wondered what makes people get into a cage and take the risk of broken bones or worse, then you need to listen to this documentary. Aside altogether from Aisling being a woman, she's a fighter first and tells a powerful story of passion and commitment. 

You can listen to it over here on the Newstalk page.

Aisling Daly 'Fighting the Cage'


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