Friday, August 2, 2013

UEFA Women's EURO2013 champions on the field and in the press

Germany welcomes home the Women's Soccer team - UEFA EURO2013 Champions 

How great is that photograph? Just goes to show when women do well, we can get sport in the headlines. Over 5,000 people turned out in Frankfurt to welcome home the Women's EURO2013 champions. Good report on SpiegelOnline.

Women's soccer burst onto the stage when Japan and the USA battled through tense penalties at the World Cup Final in 2011. Matches during London2012 got great coverage, and full stadiums - looks like the sport is on a roll. Cynical me remembers American Brandi Chastain getting a lot of attention with Those Abs back in 1999  - hopefully this time the interest will go further.

This great video looks back at Germany's progress through the UEFA Women's EURO 2013  - ending with an exciting match against Norway this week. Final score of 1-0 doesn't quite capture the thrill of the game. If you missed it, the Guardian live-blogged it (of course, they live-blog everything!)

I'd advise starting the video about 30 - 40 seconds it, there is a loooong build-up.


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