Monday, October 7, 2013

MuayThai Angels, the debate goes on ...

A few more thoughts on World MuayThai Angels ... 

Sylive von Duuglas Ittu, who you may remember from this interview on my blog, watched the fights from her gym in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. 

She blogged about it here on 8LimbsUs and raises some good points around advertising. Traditionally in Thailand, and elsewhere, advertising during sports events targets a male audience. She noted just two 'female' products, but that's two more than I ever remember seeing over there during televised boxing - even when it was an all-women's bout. 

Well worth reading Von Duuglas Ittu's blog if you have any interest in women and combat sports. She's doing MuayThai but many points regarding relating to your trainers, reaction to your changing skills and hopes for the future - all relevant to any combatants. 


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