Thursday, October 31, 2013

'No Apologies' football film still winning awards

Keeping with the Aussie theme for today, the football doco No Apologies picked up two awards at the Southhampton International Film Festival. 

You might remember a few posts on here about No Apologies - a doco following two Australian Aboriginal girls to the 2011 FIFA World Cup. 

They won for Best Editing and Best Documentary - to their shock as their latest blog-post shows! "Having won one award we definitely did not expect to receive the accolade of Best Documentary and were stunned when once again “No Apologies” name was read out. Ashley tried to convince Quie-ying to accept the award but she pushed him forward again. It is rare that you will find him lost for words, but he was close to it on this occasion," the team wrote up. 

You can still buy the DVD here, and this is a short taster from the original crowdfunder promo.


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