Friday, November 22, 2013

Girls in the Red Bulletin

I have often mentioned on this blog how disappointed I am with 'Red Bulletin''s coverage of female athletes so am eating humble pie today. 

Fabulous cover on this month's mag with British snowboarder Aimee Fuller hanging in all her glory. 

Some great quotes - 'Girl's boarding is going through the roof. We're pushing each other and the sport,' she told Ruth Morgan. 

And inside a piece on Chesca Miles, a British motorbike stuntrider. This is a new sport to me, but very intriguing. 

She said to Ruth Morgan (who is maybe behind this sudden surge in interest in women's sports): 

'Of course I have bad days, but generally I'm prepared for breaks and bruises. Guys telling me I'm not good enough just makes me work harder.' 

So if you're in Ireland - pick up The Irish Times today, the mag comes free inside. 

Or you can read some of the stories on the Red Bulletin Ireland website here.

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